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Ken Parker - A Record of Results

For seventeen years, Ken has been working hard for on the issues of concern to Newton residents. He has a track record of developing innovative, creative solutions to the City's problems and bringing diverse audiences together to find solutions and common ground.  Here are some of Ken's accomplishments during that time:

City Finances

Ken has led efforts that have saved the City millions of dollars and generated millions more in new revenue, including:

Over the years, these efforts have meant more than $15 million for Newton's budget.

Planning and Development

As an Alderman, Ken has worked hard to protect the quality of life in Newton's neighborhoods. Ken's accomplishments in this area include progress in the following:

Management Reform

One of Ken's goals as a City official has been to make municipal operations more efficient and responsive to the public, including:

Other Initiatives

Ken has also worked on a number of other initiatives to improve services and the quality of life in Newton, including: