"Mill Dam at Hemlock Gorge" by Barbara L. SlavinA Blueprint for Newton's Future: Finance and Management

Chair, Todd Krasnow

Without addressing Newton’s financial crisis, it would be difficult to pursue the improved services described in the other sections of the Blueprint for Newton's Future. The Finance and Management section of this plan maps out ideas for increasing revenue and to controlling costs in the short term, as well as strategies for solving our structural deficit and restoring the long-term financial health of our city.

Our goal is simple: in four years, Newton should be recognized as the best run city in America. To get there will require leadership, vision, a deep understanding of the issues, and executive management that employs best practices and demands excellence in execution.  Please read the information below and let us know if you have any questions or ideas.

Our Plan: Addressing Newton's Financial Challenges

Our work was based on the following three shared values. Newton residents want our government to:

A) Spend public dollars efficiently and effectively to reduce costs, eliminate redundancies, and maximize value;

B) Pursue revenue enhancement opportunities that do not impose regressive fees, new taxes or otherwise negatively impact our community; and

C) Reform management practices to incorporate the above principles into every aspect of our city government, building a financially-sustainable future