Public endorsers

A diverse group of individuals, from all parts of the city, affiliated with many different community groups and representing a broad political spectrum are supporting Ken Parker's campaign to reinvent local government in Newton.  A current list of endorsers is available below.  We will be adding more names to this list during the course of the campaign.  If you would like to endorse Ken Parker's candidacy, please let us know today.

Affiliations listed are for identification purposes only - endorsements are made by individuals listed

Ann Barker
Democratic Activist

Carol Birkestrand
Steering Committee Member, Friends of Newton Centre

Liz Cody
Chair, Ward 5 Democratic Committee

John "Manny" Connerney
Legion Baseball Coach and Community Activist

Lucia Dolan
Parent Activist

Gabe Dreyer
NNHS Class of 2012, Co-Chair, Students for Parker
Recognized statewide for achievements campaigning for Barack Obama

Semyon Dukach
Internet Entrepreneur
Founding member, MIT Blackjack Team famed for "beating the house"

Geoff Epstein
Ward 1 School Committee

Robert Fizek
Founder, Citizens for a Better Crystal Lake

Neal Fleisher
Community Activist

Lisa Ganley-Leal
Community Activist

Gloria Gavris
Chair, Ward 7 Republican Committee

Ellie Goldberg
Co-Founder, GreenCAP Board Member, Green Decade Coalition

Amanda and Dick Heller
Neighborhood Activists

Bruce Henderson

Todd Krasnow
Founding management team member, Staples, Inc.
Partner, Highland Capital

Ken Landers
Co- Chair, Students for Parker

Jo-Louise Allen
Newton Upper Falls Community Activist
Co-Chair, Newton Parent's Advisory Council for Special Education

George Mansfield
Ward 6 Ward Alderman

Ben Miller
TAB Columnist
NNHS student rep. to the School Committee
Co- Chair, Students for Parker

Laura Naylor
Neighborhood Activist

Srdjan Nedeljkovic, M.D.
Vice Chair, Newton Highlands Area Council

Leslie Schneider,
Former School Committee Member

Jeff Seideman
Candidate, Alderman-at-Large, Ward 7

Polly Sullivan
Co-Founder and Chair, Association of the Residents of Newton Centre Village

Bill Teuber
Vice Chair, EMC Corporation

Terence Unter
President and CEO, Mintera Corporation

What Your Neighbors are Saying about Ken Parker for Mayor

Emily Norton, Nonantum

"I want our next mayor to be honest with the citizens about our fiscal situation, and to provide leadership in terms of solving our problems. I am supporting Ken Parker for mayor because I think he stands out from the pack in terms of having those qualities."

Mark Friedman, M.D., Newton Highlands

"I want our next mayor to be honest with the citizens about our fiscal situation, and to provide leadership in terms of solving our problems. I am supporting Ken Parker for mayor because I think he stands out from the pack in terms of having those qualities."

Jill Roff, Newtonville

"Ken Parker will be a mayor we can trust to do the right thing to improve our community. We have watched him grow over the years to become a mature, thoughtful and confident leader. I would feel so good with him leading our city. This fall, please vote for Ken Parker for Mayor of Newton."

Kathleen Heitman, Oak Hill

"For years, Ken Parker has impressed me with his eye for the sensible solution and his ability to achieve results. I am glad he is running for mayor, and I hope all Newton residents will support him. Ken can make real improvements for our government and the Newtonites it serves."

Collin Snow, Newton Corner

"From my observations, Ken Parker has proven himself to be a forward-thinking, creative and positive leader. As mayor, I am confident that he will do great things for our city. I hope that interested parties will review his plan and get involved in his effort!"

Karen Nacht, Waban

"I’m thoroughly delighted with Ken Parker’s education plan. It presents a genuine vision for our schools — a vision that has been lacking for too many years. Ken has truly incorporated the many voices that I have heard calling for innovation, excellence and educational leadership. This is the kind of bold vision we need to return our school system to the lists of those considered to be the best in the country."

Laura Toli, West Newton

"Ken Parker has been a strong and consistent advocate for public safety and our entire community and will make a great Mayor of Newton."

Barbara John, Newton Centre

"Although some of the other mayoral candidates are attractive and interesting, Ken is the one who possesses a profound understanding of Newton. Not only is he armed with factual information, but he takes very progressive positions on the issues. For instance, he supports having bike paths on streets throughout the city to encourage Newtonites to save gas and get exercise, but he fully realizes that some streets are too narrow and crowded to allow such paths. He realizes that you have to match environmental needs with practical needs for a plan to be viable."

Julie Goldblatt, Chestnut Hill

"Ken is an excellent listener and an effective leader. As an Alderman he has always been willing to engage members of the community to find and implement creative, innovative ideas. He's already done so much for our city, as Mayor I know he will do great things for Newton."

Mark Trachtenberg, Lower Falls

"Since 1993, when he led the effort to pass the Smoke-Free Newton ordinance through his recent effort to expand the beach at Crystal Lake, Ken Parker has been a leader I admire. He is also very accessible and willing to talk to any Newton resident about any issue at any time. He is the leader we need as Mayor of Newton."

Bobby Jones, Auburndale

"For me, Ken Parker is a very talented individual with such energy and passion for the details of running a municipality. In addition, Ken has a strong track record of success as an alderman. There is no doubt a Mayor Parker will make Newton proud for years to come."

Todd Adelman, Thompsonville

"Optimism, responsiveness, openness and creativity are all adjectives that for me describe Ken Parker's leadership style. At a time when our city needs a boost, there is no person I can see better serving Newton as Mayor than Ken Parker."

Susan Sangiolo, Upper Falls

"Ken Parker listens to a diverse array of ideas, does his homework, understands the issues and always follows-through. He can be counted to get results on the important issues that matter to Newton residents. When someone this qualifies applies for a job, why wouldn't we hire him? Ken Parker for Mayor!"