A Blueprint for Newton's Future:
Environment and Sustainable Growth

Chair: Alderman George Mansfield

The Environment and Sustainable Growth Subcommittee has worked to develop a program that addresses issues such as environmental stewardship, quality of life, and planning for Newton’s future. Our goals are based on promoting the four key shared values highlighted below.  

To learn more about how we will work to implement the plan, please click the appropriate links.  If you have any suggested improvements, you can let us know by clicking here and typing "Environmental feedback" in the subject line.

Our Plan

A) Reduce or mitigate negative environmental impacts associated with government operations, like pollution and wasted energy;

B) Increase the availability and quality of public services like libraries and trash collection, as well as private-sector services like grocery stores, movie theatres, and cell phone reception;

C) Enhance the quality of life in our city, by working to reduce traffic congestion, improve pedestrian and bicycle amenities, keep our parks clean, maintain City buildings and streets, and protect public safety; and

D) Adopt and adhere to smart growth principles that generate new tax revenue and enhance our village centers, while reducing environmental impacts, providing services, and improving the quality of life.