"Running in the Rain" by KentokuA Blueprint for Newton's Future: Education


  • Lucia Dolan
  • School Committee Member Geoff Epstein
  • Former School Committee Member Leslie Schneider

The Parker Education Subcommittee examined the challenges facing the Newton Public Schools. Our schools benefit from smart, talented teachers and have a record of success at providing quality education to thousands of Newton students, but in a globally competitive environment, we cannot rest on our laurels. We need to build on the strengths of our school system and shore up our weaknesses. Our schools should be among best in the country. If you have thoughts or comments please let us know by clicking here and typing "Policy Initiatives Subcommittee" in the notes field.

Our Plan

To achieve this goal, we need to question every aspect of public education and to create an environment of continuous improvement, allowing us to find better and more cost-effective ways of providing world-class public education.

Our work was based on three shared values. Newton residents want our schools to:

A) Offer all of our students excellent academic instruction;

B) Provide students with an environment that is conducive to learning; and

C) Improve school management and planning practices to improve and decision-making, communication, operational efficiency, and overall effectiveness.