Conducive Learning Environment

One of the great strengths of Newton has been the quality of our neighborhood schools. To ensure that we realize the great potential of our children, not only do we need to provide them a strong academic curriculum but also we must pay attention to the environment in which their day unfolds. That environment includes teachers, classrooms, schools and the organization of their day from the moment they arrive at school in the morning through after school programs.

Essential to this positive learning environment are:

  • First rate classroom teachers keeping pace with best educational practices;
  • Small class sizes to ensure that each student receives excellent instruction;
  • Up-to-date classroom materials and equipment to provide high quality information and communications to maximize teacher and student productivity;
  • Well-maintained school buildings with sufficient flexibility to support evolving programs and student populations; and
  • A balanced, modern school day to provide the right mix of academic, physical & social development and to ensure smooth and productive integration with end of day student activities

In order to provide every Newton student a learning environment consistent with these values, we propose the following initiatives:

1) Improve the classroom experience;

2) Improve school building management; and

3) Reinvent the school day.