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Where have I been?

I just noticed that my last blog entry is almost two years old!  I got very busy during my third year of law school, working for Wolf, Greenfield, & Sacks and GTC Law Group, as well as serving as a reaseach assistant for two professors a teaching assistant for a third professor, a law journal editor, and -- most importantly -- a little league coach.  Then there was that little matter of the Bar Exam and finding a job.  Well, finding, is not exactly the right word, since I ended up starting a law firm with a law school classmate, Shaun Keough.  The firm, Parker Keough LLP, provides a wide range of legal services, including intellectual property protection, entity formation, transactions, and dispute resolution.  We've been surprisingly busy for a new law firm.  To find out more about our firm, you can subscribe to our newsletter by completing the contact form on our website.

During this time, I have also continued to be involved in Newton politics, helping with the election campaings of Aldermen Brian Yates and Emily Norton and School Committee Member Margaret Albright.  I also continue to host my cable show, Common Ground.

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