Two Hours at the Towers!

Thanks to Exploratory Committee member Ina Coppelman-Schneider we had a great discussion with a large group at the Towers at Hammond Pond Parkway on Tuesday.  For two hours people were engaged in a conversation about some of the issues facing Newton today. It was a fantastic event and we are grateful to all who attended.






Solution to Newton North problems: Ken Parker

Thanks to Newton Highlands resident and Exploratory Committee member Karen Nacht for a great letter to the TAB in support of Ken Parker.  Here's the link to the TAB's site, and the full text of the letter can be found below.

Last week, I wrote in about the problems facing us with NNHS. Now, I’d like to endorse a solution: Ken Parker. For 16 years as alderman, Ken has been an innovative advocate for change in this city. His passion for educational excellence is complemented by a solid history of voracious advocacy for fiscal accountability, long-range planning and transparency of government. Ken supported a new high school before Mayor Cohen did, yet has opposed all of the steps along the way that have led to the potential $200 million boondoggle that we’re now facing. If we’d listened to Ken regarding debt-exclusion overrides, the site plan vote or any of the checkpoints along the way, we’d be in a much better place than we are today. It’s time for leadership that’s honest about the challenges we face in Newton and humble enough to call upon every resource we have to overcome them. As we approach less prosperous economic times with neglected school buildings and fire stations in desperate need of renovation and replacement; the people of Newton deserve realistic, responsible management. We need a leader that knows our city inside and out, inspires us to be our best, gives us something to show for our tax investment and is honest to us about the challenges we face. Newton needs Ken Parker as its mayor.
Karen Nacht, Newton Highlands 

 Thank you Karen!



Meet Ken in February

We've just posted a February and March events schedule. Here is the official press release, and here is the events schedule on this website.  Take a look -- these are gatherings in the homes of Committee members where Newton residents have an opportunity to get to know Ken and his positions on issues facing Newton today. These are some of the questions we will be discussing:

  • What should be done about the Newton North Project?
  • How can we fix our City’s schools and fire stations without breaking the bank?
  • What can we do to get Newton back on sound financial footing?
  • Why are our streets and parks in such poor condition, and what can be done?

If this sounds interesting and you'd liike to attend one of these gatherings, just let us know! We'd be happy to have you attend.  Click here to get in touch!




Ken Parker Writes on Newton North in the TAB

Alderman Parker provides his perspective on the Newton North situation in the TAB this week.  Here's one of the points Ken made, which I think many people in Newton would agree with...

Sometime in the next few weeks, Mayor Cohen plans to order that the concrete foundation for the new high school be poured, which action will eliminate many of our lower-cost options. Before concrete is poured, we should have a complete plan to finance the new school in the context of our other capital and operating needs, including a careful look at lower-cost options.

Click here to read the whole article.

~ Shawn